Disclaimer:In order to keep organizational costs low, this app facilitates communication between user and a user-specified contact but does not provide external monitoring and does not directly contact or request assistance from emergency services. Requests for assistance must be made directly by either the user, or the user-specified contact. Apparatus Labs will not be liable for any injury, death, or property damage. Use of the app constitutes acceptance of this limit of liability.

Instructions for Use

How it works

The app is designed to alert your pre-selected emergency contacts in the event that you fail to check in with the app after you have initiated a working alone session. Once your pre-determined time period expires, your phone alarm will go off. Please ensure not to leave your phone on silent while you are using the app – the app cannot control your phone volume so if silent, the alarm will not be effective. Once the alarm goes off, you will have 5 minutes to interact with the app and in case that does not happen, a text message will go out to your emergency contacts requesting that they call and check on you. You can activate up to 5 emergency contacts for a working alone session and they will be contacted in the order 1 through 5 on 3-minute intervals. 

Getting Started

Starting the App for the first time is quite easy – simply select ‘Sign-up’ and then follow the easy start-up process and provide the requested information. Please ensure to provide the email address where you would like your Session Logs to be sent. You will need to allow the app access as requested in order to function correctly – app requests permission to access your text messages and contact information. Please note we do not collect this information in any way, it is only used in order to select your emergency contacts and to send the outgoing text message to the selected contacts during a working alone session. 

Outgoing Message Details

The outgoing message is the text message that will be sent to your emergency contacts if you fail to check in with the app at the end of your session. You have the ability to update both your name and phone number in case you have a more commonly used name that your emergency contact will recognize or if you prefer that they call you at a different number to check on you.

Emergency Contacts

Select up to 5 emergency contacts from your phones existing contacts. These 5 will then be available to choose from when starting a new working alone session as the people that would be contacted in case you fail to check in.  You have the ability to change or update these selections at any time by going back into the emergency contacts screen.

Starting a new session

Starting a new session is very simple. Simply click on ‘New Working Alone Session’. You will be asked to choose a check-in interval between 15 and 60 minutes. Choose the interval that makes most sense for the task you are engaged in, your surroundings and your personal situation.

Once the interval is selected you will be asked which of your five emergency contacts you would like to activate for the working alone session. Only selected contacts will receive a text message if you fail to check in. You can select as many as all 5 emergency contacts or as few as one.

You will also be asked to enter a location. The location you enter will then be used as part of the outgoing text message. You can enter a street address or any other location information that will give your emergency contacts enough information to locate you should it be required.

After that simply hit start and your timer will begin. While the timer is running you can pause or end the session at any time. Once the timer runs out, you will have the option to extend the session by 15 minutes or end the session. 

Session Logs

Once you select end session, the working alone session will be complete. At this time, the system will email you a record of your working alone session which will consist of start times, session details, any emergency contacts used, and all user actions during the session such as pause, etc. You should save this record as per any company record keeping practices or for your own information.