Welcome to Working Alone

At Apparatus Labs, we make several types of apps.  Some of our other apps are just for fun, but Working Alone is a serious app which we have developed because we saw the need in industry to solve a specific problem.  That problem occurs when a worker is required to be on their own and complete a task.  Does anyone know if the worker is OK?  When should a co-worker, supervisor, or loved one start to worry if the worker is gone longer than expected?  Working Alone facilitates that communication between the user and their selected contact so that if the user fails to check in at their own pre-selected interval then a message will go out to the contact requesting a check-in.  The user can pause, cancel, or extend their session easily so that no one will get a worrying message unnecessarily.  Its a simple, easy to use app which solves a problem faced by many industries today.  The app is not a monitored emergency response app - that is a specific choice we made because those apps can cost $20 or more per month which makes it out of reach for most businesses.  As our app is automated, and communicates specifically between the worker and their selected emergency contacts we can keep the monthly cost extremely low which we hope will encourage people to actually use it, and keep those workers safe! Please go ahead and give it a try - there is a free trial period so you can determine if it is right for you.