Geo-Stamp How to Use


Here are some of the cool functions of Geo-Stamp.

New Stamp:

Only the ‘title’ text box is mandatory to fill out, everything else you only need to complete if you want to. If you want to create a really quick stamp, just fill in the title box.  Filling out more details and adding a picture will be useful when you come back to the stamp later. You can also add photos! 

You can also rate the stamp. Ratings are helpful if you want to remember that a restaurant was really good (or not!). You can always go back and change your ratings if you have a change of heart. 

You can set the stamp to public or private. A public stamp will show up in other people’s ‘near me’ list when they are near that location. A private stamp will only go to another user if you share it with them.

My Stamps

This is where your own stored stamps are kept. You can click on any stamp and update its information. To look at the picture, just press and hold on the picture, a larger one will appear. If you want directions to get back to a location, just tap on the pin on the map and the options for directions and Google Maps will show up. From the stamp information screen you can also choose to share the stamp with someone in your contact list.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the ‘My Stamps’ screen there is a small ‘plus sign’.  If you click on that, you will be able to create a folder. Once you have created and named your folder you can drag and drop the stamps you want into it. If you press and hold on the folder, you will have options to share the entire folder, rename, or delete it. Sharing a whole folder is pretty neat – you could make a birthday present wishlist complete with locations and pictures of all the gift ideas, or you could create a folder of great restaurants and share it with someone new to the city – many possibilities!

Shared with me stamps

Just like you can share stamps and folders with other people, they can share them with you. When something gets shared with you, it will show up here. You can look through and decide if you want to keep the stamps or delete from your device.

Near Me

On this screen you will see any stamps within a 1 km radius that other users have saved and set to public. This feature is great if you are in a downtown and need to find a restaurant, or if you go on a hike and maybe there is a beautiful vantage point nearby. If no one has saved a stamp near where you are, this screen would be blank. If there are no stamps nearby, this would be a great opportunity to create something that will be visible to others when they are in the vicinity. Maybe a great little store or coffee shop that you think people passing by should know about. Again, lots of possibilities!


On the settings screen you can choose from a few different pin options, whichever one you like. You can also set notification types; if you have this on, when you get nearby a previously saved stamp the app will alert you. This screen also gets you to the instructions, privacy policy link and FAQ’s.