Geo-Stamp Frequently Asked Questions


What Can I do with the App?

Geo-Stamp is a location saving and storing app which helps you remember favourite locations and keep details about them. You can organize your stamps into folders and also share them with your contacts. 

What is the ‘near me’ all about?

These are stamps that other people have made within a certain distance of you. Right now we have it set at 1KM but we may update that we hear back from our users. Whenever you create a stamp you have the option of making it public or private. If you make a new stamp public, it will show up in someone else’s ‘near me’. A private stamp will only be available to someone else if you share it with them through the share function.

What is the ‘share’ function all about?

If you want someone else to know about your favourite spots you can use the share function to send it to them. It will show up in their ‘shared with me’ stamps. You can share either a single stamp or a folder full of stamps with other users. 

How do I use it?

Please see our ‘Instructions for use’ to help figure out how everything works. We took all the things we didn’t like about other location saving apps and tried to make sure we fixed them so this app has lots of features and functions. They are all simple and easy to use, but you have to know they’re there - right?

What happens to my information and data?

Good Question.  Please see our privacy policy and terms of use for full details on the storage and use of your data. The short version is that all data for the app is stored on a secure server and personally identifiable information would never be shared or sold.